Getting started

You'll be welcome...

Newcomers who want to drive

  • Come and watch a local event; meet the organiser; ask lots of questions.
  • Ask about local trainers or training sessions if you're unsure whether you're ready.
  • Check that your carriage has a track width no less than 125cms (on the rear wheels, if you have a four-wheeler). If it's less or much more, contact the organiser: you may be allowed to enter either in club class, if there is one, or hors concours (hc) - not being placed in the competition but still taking part.
  • Practise the Precision and Paces test.
  • Organise a groom - someone able-bodied who is capable of helping you, sitting beside or behind you on the carriage or standing on the backstep in the competition.
  • Get a "Driver competence assessment" and send it to your organiser. Details here or look on British Carriage driving website and search.
  • Enter the event well before the closing date - you can join ICD at the same time.


Welcome back!
If you have competed in outdoor horse driving trials or indoor trials previously, it's a very good idea to familiarise yourself with the latest indoor rules.

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