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Equine health

There is updated awareness of the need to mitigate risk of equine disease transmission at events.

Since 13 October 21, all online ICD entries and paper entry forms downloaded require the driver to agree to check their equine health condition and not bring a suspect equine to an event. So this part of BEFs "bronze level" of safety is now covered automatically by ICD entries.

Some organisers or venues may require a fuller certification of each individual horse's health to be sent to them immediately before the event (BEF silver/gold level). In that case the organiser may wish to send the full document (download from link below) to all their drivers for them to return to the organiser.

For more details, including a link to the full BEF Equine Infectious Disease Advisory Group notes, see BEF page


Please use this new scoring app.
The scoring app allows you to score an event and post live or final results direct to the results page with one click.

How to get the app

Go to this address and the app will open in your browser.

Important: so you can use the app while you are not connected to the internet, you need to 'install' the app. You do this by Add to Home Screen on Android and Apple devices. Then close the browser and open the app from the new shortcut on your home screen. You only have to do this once.

Were you looking for outdoor scoring? It's the exact same app, use for both, but for explanatory notes and videos more outdoor targetted click here.

Super short video on how to get and use the app

Do you want a longer video? Please email me if so and I'll make one...

Document with Brief instructions on using the scoring app

Document with Brief instructions on uploading information for event details

Document on how two or more scorers can share scores using the scoring app

Older scoring spreadsheet...

Please use the new app, above. If you really want to use the older spreadsheet: You just need Microsoft Excel (2010, 2013 or 2016) on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10.
If you use this spreadsheet, then you can still upload your results direct to the ICD site with one button press.

Latest updates: - please use for 2023-24, check back for more updates

28-Dec-2023 - Updated so can post to updated (https) website

If your browser opens the spreadsheet in the browser, Excel for the web, look for a "Download" file button and ensure you download the file. It will not run properly in the browser.

P&P forms, obstacles and cones etc

Please try these obstacles, let me know how you get on, send me your designs to share here...

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