We have rules to help ensure a fair, safe, enjoyable competition for everyone.

The ICD indoor rules are based on FEI outdoor horse driving trials rules, adapted for a one day indoor competition and are available free of charge here.

All horses and competitors must comply with Clean sport rules.

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Rulebook reissued for 2023-24 - please read!

Please click here to download the latest rule book (2023-24 on).

Notes on 2023-24 changes

To see the detail changes, please see latest rule book with change marks from 2022.

The updated rules include minor clarifications. Some more significant changes are:

A small pony team may now compete with one groom on the vehicle and one in close attendance to assist immediately if needed.

The Small Pony championships class is now split into Novice Small Pony, Intermediate Small Pony and Open Small Pony like the other animal sizes.

The class progression for Small Pony is now the same as other classes. I.e. you go up a class if you finish in the top 50% at the championships, or qualify and don't compete at the championships two years running.

Qualifier events may run Small Pony class(es) at the organiser's discretion if numbers permit, otherwise small ponies continue to run in pony classes locally.

To allow some flexibility on class changes, a driver who wishes to progress class but has not qualified, or downgrade class for example on changing to a larger animal class, may apply to ICD, with reasons, to be changed.

9.2 We've recognised that the course designer may sometimes want to flag obstacles up to F as people progress or want to prepare for championships or outdoors, so we now allow A-F at qualifiers in the second half of the season, i.e. 1st Jaunary onwards, at the course designer and organiser's discretion. ICD encourages course designers to ensure all obstacles permit an entirely, or at least mostly, flowing route and not overcomplicate.

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See AGM Minutes April 2022 subject to approval at next AGM.

See EGM Minutes September 2022 subject to approval at next AGM.

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