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Osberton Driving TrialsJames Binns11-09-19  10:55 pm
Half Moon Stud, Sept 29th WORLD CUP STYLE ARENA CHALLENGEJulia Liles05-09-19  11:14 am
A sad day for Carriage DriversRita Bundock31-08-19  02:42 pm
Training at Blandings, Newmarket - 8 SeptemberFiona Powell31-08-19  01:53 pm
Askham Bryan and Equine Influenza vaccinationsFiona Powell24-08-19  11:06 am
Training at Wix EC with Mike DaniellFiona Powell16-08-19  09:03 am
Summer driving camp - everyone welcome! 6-7 JulyFiona Powell01-06-19  05:57 pm
Keysoe Photos Event to EventEvelyn Radnai26-04-19  09:35 am
Photographs from the Indoor ChampionshipsSwingletree Photogra23-04-19  04:05 pm
Thank you ICD Office09-04-19  04:23 pm
Keysoe - more detailsFiona Powell07-04-19  08:18 am
Youtude live feed at Indoor championshipsJames Binns05-04-19  08:40 am
Keysoe - parking changes and passport checking, etc.Fiona Powell02-04-19  12:35 pm
"Rein back 4 strides" - what this means...Carrie Wright29-03-19  04:18 pm
KEYSOE CLASS WINNERS VOUCHERSFrances Collings21-03-19  07:32 am
MERRIST WOOD START TIMES 23 MARCH 2019Frances Collings20-03-19  06:02 am
Enter now - Indoor Finals!Fiona Powell16-03-19  04:53 pm
Start Times Laughton Manor 17th of MarchCarrie Wright14-03-19  07:42 pm
Start times for Half Moon Stud, Motcombe - 17th MarchJulia Liles12-03-19  03:08 pm
MIDT Start list 17th March Clare Marley12-03-19  12:41 pm
Championship P&P tests at MotcombeJulia Liles11-03-19  11:40 am
RAFFLE AT KEYSOEFrances Collings09-03-19  08:16 pm
South East Points League RosettesFrances Collings09-03-19  08:15 pm
Saddlesdane 10th March P & P Start TimesJackie Durkin07-03-19  12:41 pm
P&P tests for the Indoor Finals, 2019Fiona Powell06-03-19  06:15 pm
East Anglia - Wix EC, Sunday, 10 FebruaryFiona Powell06-03-19  12:00 pm
Oaks Indoor Event - drive Championship testLiz Howe03-03-19  04:00 pm
Dressage for 17th March Clare Marley02-03-19  05:04 pm
Golden Cross - Saturday ... the last one =(Hilly Withenshaw26-02-19  07:48 pm
Thames Valley BCA Times 3rd March 2019Martin Pink25-02-19  08:42 pm
REVISED TIMES DUCKHURST 23 FebruaryRita Bundock21-02-19  11:12 am
DUCKHURST TIMES 23 FebruaryRita Bundock20-02-19  09:20 pm
INDOOR CHAMPS SCHEDULE 2019ICD Office20-02-19  04:10 pm
INDOOR CHAMPIONSHIP SPONSORS (2)ICD Office17-02-19  03:59 pm
Equestrians in Hampshire (guidance)Kayti Harvey15-02-19  09:43 pm
Laughton Manor 17th February 2018 CANCELLEDCarrie Wright14-02-19  09:59 am
Thames Valley Time 17th February update.Martin Pink13-02-19  08:58 pm
MERRIST WOOD START TIMES 17TH FEBRUARY 2019Dick Lane13-02-19  08:05 am
Equine Influenza - official ICD-UK advice on annual boostersFiona Powell12-02-19  06:46 pm
Start times for Half Moon Stud, Motcombe - 17th FebruaryJulia Liles12-02-19  12:04 pm
Unable to reschedule Clare Marley12-02-19  09:05 am
MERRIST WOOD SUNDAY 17TH FEBRUARYDick Lane11-02-19  02:20 pm
Askham Bryan - 17 February - NEWS and rulesFiona Powell11-02-19  10:44 am
Half Moon Stud, Dorset RegionJulia Liles11-02-19  12:08 am
Revised start times for East Anglia, Wix, 10 FebruaryJulia Liles10-02-19  11:59 pm
Thames Valley Time 17th FebruaryMartin Pink10-02-19  02:53 pm
Thames Valley Time !7th FebruaryMartin Pink10-02-19  02:52 pm
MIHDT rearrange options Clare Marley10-02-19  11:20 am
Cancelled MIHDTClare Marley09-02-19  10:55 am
MIHDTClare Marley09-02-19  08:43 am
Golden Cross, Sussex - 9 February - NewsFiona Powell08-02-19  11:54 am
South Wales, Pencoed College - 10 February - News!Fiona Powell08-02-19  11:28 am
East Anglia, Wix EC - News - 10 FebruaryFiona Powell08-02-19  11:24 am
Midlands Indoor Horse Driving Trials Clare Marley08-02-19  10:38 am
Newton Rigg, 9 February, cancelledFiona Powell08-02-19  10:04 am
Equine ‘flu?Fiona Powell08-02-19  08:08 am
Golden Cross P & P Times for Saturday 9thHilly Withenshaw07-02-19  08:15 pm
Training at Wix EC with Mike DaniellFiona Powell10 06-02-19  06:51 pm
Start times for East Anglia, Sunday, 10 FebruaryFiona Powell05-02-19  06:50 pm
Midlands Indoor Driving trials start timesClare Marley04-02-19  09:48 pm
Saddlesdane provisional running order 3/2/19Jackie Durkin31-01-19  12:13 am
NEW DATE - Laughton Manor - 17th February 2019Carrie Wright30-01-19  08:47 pm
Easton College start times - Feb 3rdJess Hine29-01-19  03:26 pm
Start times for Half Moon Stud, Motcombe - 26th JanJulia Liles23-01-19  08:49 pm
Start times for East Anglia, Saturday, 26 JanuaryFiona Powell23-01-19  02:55 pm
Laughton Manor Start Times 27th January 2019Carrie Wright21-01-19  01:05 pm
East Anglia, Wix - 26 January - entries open up to Sunday, 20 January!Fiona Powell18-01-19  05:08 pm
MERRIST WOOD START TIMES 20 JANUARY 2019Frances Collings17-01-19  09:01 am
Training with Wilf Bowman RipleyMalcolm Brown15-01-19  09:23 pm
Thames Valley BCA Times 13th January 2019Martin Pink09-01-19  08:50 pm
Small Pony Winter Show - Hampshire - 27 JanFiona Powell05-01-19  07:04 pm
Golden Cross P&P Times - 5th JanuaryFrances Collings02-01-19  01:08 pm
Easton College start times - Sun Jan 6thJess Hine01-01-19  05:10 pm
Wix World Cup 29 Dec - Photos Event to EventEvelyn Radnai01-01-19  04:43 pm
Wix World Cup - Saturday, 29 December, 2018Mike Watts29-12-18  05:16 pm
Norfolk event in March cancelledJess Hine28-12-18  03:30 pm
Norfolk - Easton College Jan 6thJess Hine28-12-18  03:24 pm
DUCKHURST 1st January 2019Rita Bundock28-12-18  11:51 am
Thames Valley BCA Times 29th December 2018Martin Pink23-12-18  02:30 pm
MRRIST WOOD START TIMES 16 DECEMBER 2018Dick Lane12-12-18  06:48 pm
Merrist Wood Indoor Jack in a BoxFrances Collings11-12-18  06:45 am
Start times for Half Moon Stud, Motcombe - 16th DecJulia Liles10-12-18  08:18 pm
Thames Valley BCA Times 9th December 2018Sue Cooper09-12-18  09:43 pm
Laughton Manor Times - 9th of DecemberCarrie Wright05-12-18  11:05 am
Easton College start times - Dec 9thJess Hine04-12-18  05:12 pm
Golden Cross P & P Times for Saturday 8thHilly Withenshaw04-12-18  04:09 pm
DUCKHURST TIMES 1st DecemberFrances Collings28-11-18  08:50 am
BREECHING RULELindsey Doran26-11-18  11:19 pm
TRAINING DAY WITH ROSANNAJane Hendy23-11-18  12:07 pm
Join in - wear a rainbow for Stonewall!Fiona Powell23-11-18  10:54 am
MERRIST WOOD START TIMES 25 NOVEMBER 2018Frances Collings21-11-18  05:58 pm
East Anglia - Wix - start times - Saturday, 24 NovemberFiona Powell20-11-18  04:20 pm
Start times for Half Moon Stud, Motcombe - 25th NovJulia Liles18-11-18  06:15 pm
Golden Cross Pictures 17/11/18Chris Orchard18-11-18  07:43 am
Golden Cross P&P Times - 17th NovemberHilly Withenshaw12-11-18  06:32 pm
Thames Valley BCA Times 18th November 2018Martin Pink11-11-18  12:47 pm
Easton College - 11th NovJess Hine06-11-18  05:33 pm
Laughton Manor Start Times 11th November 2018Carrie Wright06-11-18  01:20 pm
Midlands Indoor Driving start times 11/11/2018Clare Marley05-11-18  06:49 pm
East Anglia - Wix - pics Oct 27 2018Mike Watts28-10-18  12:49 pm
Saddlesdane 28th October start timesFrances Collings24-10-18  02:42 pm
East Anglia - Wix - start times - Saturday, 27 OctoberFiona Powell23-10-18  09:08 am
Golden Cross P&P Times Hilly Withenshaw22-10-18  02:30 pm
KENT AREA DATE CHANGERita Bundock22-10-18  07:23 am
Duckhurst EC Pictures from 20th October 2018Hilly Withenshaw21-10-18  02:50 pm
Changes at Thames Valley BCAChris Orchard21-10-18  01:43 pm
Start times for Half Moon Stud, (Dorset Region) 21st OctoberMike Watts18-10-18  09:31 am
Duckhurst RaffleSarah Owlett17-10-18  04:25 pm
DUCKHURST 20 October TimesRita Bundock15-10-18  08:58 pm
MERRIST WOOD START TIMES 21 OCTOBER 2018Dick Lane15-10-18  01:39 pm
Thames Valley BCA Times 21st October 2018Martin Pink14-10-18  06:58 pm
Thames Valley BCA Times 21st October 2018Martin Pink14-10-18  03:54 pm
Indoor Training with Wilf Bowman RipleyMalcolm Brown13-10-18  11:00 pm
Midlands Indoor Driving start times 14/10/2018Clare Marley09-10-18  06:50 pm
Laughton Manor Start Times - 7th October 2018Carrie Wright03-10-18  04:18 pm
RULE CHANGES FOR THE NEW SEASONFiona Powell29-09-18  03:38 pm
Norfolk start times - 29th Sept at WHWJess Hine25-09-18  07:54 pm
First Event for Lincs Area - Laughton ManorCarrie Wright24-09-18  04:26 pm
One Day EventLiz Howe11-09-18  12:04 pm
First Norfolk area event - Sat sept 29thJess Hine24-08-18  05:23 pm
Oaks World CupLiz Howe21-08-18  12:06 pm
Training at Blandings with Mike DaniellFiona Powell11-08-18  12:08 pm
Pictures from KeysoeMike Watts28-04-18  06:35 pm
Swingletree Photography at Indoor FinalsSwingletree Photogra17-04-18  04:39 pm
Thank you all for making the Finals a success!Fiona Powell11-04-18  09:23 am
Keysoe - class running order- provisional timesFiona Powell06-04-18  08:09 pm
KEYSOE: OFFICE OPENING TIMESICD Office01-04-18  11:16 am
JACK IN A BOX KEYSOEFrances Collings31-03-18  06:53 am
Swingletree Photography's 3 for 2 OfferSwingletree Photogra28-03-18  07:46 am
KEYSOE ICD Office27-03-18  03:00 pm
Laughton ManorAnna Sadler15-03-18  09:04 am
SE Area Finals 17 March Duckhurst. TIMESRita Bundock14-03-18  04:53 pm
MERRIST WOOD START TIMES 17 MARCH 2018Dick Lane13-03-18  08:39 am
Norfolk area Jess Hine12-03-18  08:14 am
East Anglia - Wix EC - Sunday, 11 MarchFiona Powell09-03-18  07:01 pm
Saddlesdane Sunday 11th MarchJackie Durkin07-03-18  09:00 pm
Want to do Novice Qualifiers? Going to the Indoor Finals?Fiona Powell07-03-18  11:12 am
MIdlands Moreton Morrell 4th March CANCELLEDKate Adams02-03-18  05:58 pm
Norfolk event at WHW on Sunday is cancelledJess Hine02-03-18  10:16 am
Golden Cross P&P TimesHilly Withenshaw02-03-18  10:07 am
BCA is cancelled. Thames Valley Area. Sunday 4th March.Rita Bundock01-03-18  02:44 pm
Norfolk event at WHW - 4th Mar 2018Fiona Powell01-03-18  09:47 am
Indoor Championships - PhotographsSwingletree Photogra28-02-18  10:07 am
Championship FinalsFiona Powell19-02-18  11:05 am
JACK IN A BOX THIS WEEKENDFrances Collings15-02-18  06:58 pm
DUCKHURST Saturday 17 FebruaryRita Bundock15-02-18  03:27 pm
Training with Anna Grayston and Dressage & Cones Competition Louise Andreasen13-02-18  03:40 pm
MERRIST WOOD START TIMES 18 FEBRUARY 2018Dick Lane12-02-18  04:36 pm
DUCKHURST 17 FebruaryRita Bundock08-02-18  10:20 pm
Laughton Manor 11th feb 2018Anna Sadler08-02-18  11:56 am
Norfolk event - 4th marchJess Hine08-02-18  08:37 am
Golden Cross Dressage Times - Saturday 10th February 2018Hilly Withenshaw06-02-18  08:42 pm
TRAINING AT GOLDEN CROSSHelen Bridges05-02-18  06:00 pm
East Anglia - Wix EC - Saturday, 10 February Fiona Powell05-02-18  03:30 pm
Moreton Morrell Start times 4th FebruaryKate Adams02-02-18  01:59 pm
Saddlsdane Start times 4th February 2018Jackie Durkin31-01-18  07:10 pm
East Anglia - Wix EC - Saturday, 27 January - start timesFiona Powell26-01-18  05:40 pm
Wolverley & District Driving Club - first aid course places availab...Fiona Powell26-01-18  08:24 am
Norfolk event at WHW on Feb 4th is cancelledJess Hine24-01-18  02:08 pm
THE FINALS Shetland 4 In Hand/Unicorn ChallengeICD Office21-01-18  12:17 pm
Easton College eventJess Hine20-01-18  06:37 pm
Laughton Manor Times for sunday Anna Sadler19-01-18  10:44 am
British Young Drivers - Easter clinic - don't miss it!Fiona Powell16-01-18  03:33 pm
TIMES for Thames Valley @BCA Sunday 21 Janurary 2018Julie Broadhurst15-01-18  08:06 pm
Easton college start times - Jan 21stJess Hine15-01-18  04:58 pm
MERRIST WOOD START TIMES 21 JANUARY Dick Lane15-01-18  09:58 am
Golden Cross (Sunday 14th January 2018)Hilly Withenshaw09-01-18  05:45 pm
Moreton Morrell Times 7th JanuaryKate Adams03-01-18  06:53 pm
Wix World Cup - Friday, 29 December 2017Mike Watts29-12-17  05:49 pm
New Years Day qualifier at DUCKHURSTRita Bundock28-12-17  02:51 pm
Start times for Kingston Maurward 30th Dec 2017Julia Liles28-12-17  02:28 pm
BCA is cancelled - water logged Thursday 28th DecemberJulie Broadhurst27-12-17  01:50 pm
BCA times Thursday 28th December 2017Julie Broadhurst20-12-17  07:29 pm
Event to Event Photography Easton and Wix photos & Last orders fo C...Evelyn Radnai18-12-17  09:14 pm
Duchy 28th January CancelledChristina Woollacott16-12-17  04:27 pm
Weather conditions - easton collegeFiona Powell10-12-17  07:09 pm
Snowing hard can't let BCA Julie Broadhurst10-12-17  07:16 am
Laughton manorAnna Sadler10-12-17  06:38 am
Laughton Manor 10th DecemberAnna Sadler07-12-17  12:17 pm
Golden Cross (Saturday 9th December)Hilly Withenshaw06-12-17  09:06 pm
Start times for Easton College - 10th DecJess Hine06-12-17  05:47 pm
JACK IN A BOX MERRISTWOODFrances Collings05-12-17  08:08 pm
TIMES for Thames Valley @BCA Sunday 10th DecemberJulie Broadhurst05-12-17  07:58 pm
MERRIST WOOD START TIMES 10 DECEMBER 2017Dick Lane03-12-17  11:42 am
WEALD CHRISTMAS EVENT 21st December DuckhurstFrances Collings01-12-17  09:12 am
Norfolk easton college event - closing date extendedJess Hine30-11-17  06:56 pm
FUN XMAS CLEAR ROUND CONES Susan Skeggs29-11-17  08:15 pm
JACK IN A BOX DUCKHURSTFrances Collings28-11-17  08:12 pm
DUCKHURST 2 December START TIMESRita Bundock28-11-17  03:44 pm
JACK in a Box Golden X and DuckhurstFrances Collings21-11-17  10:54 pm
Golden Cross (Sunday 26th November)Hilly Withenshaw21-11-17  08:55 pm
East Anglia start times - Saturday, 25 November, Wix ECFiona Powell21-11-17  03:02 pm
JACK IN A BOX MERRISTWOODFrances Collings13-11-17  06:14 pm
Norfolk - Easton College start times 19th Nov 2017Jess Hine13-11-17  05:35 pm
MERRIST WOOD START TIMES 19 NOVEMBER 2017Dick Lane11-11-17  06:05 pm
Morton Morrell 12th November Kate Adams10-11-17  07:15 pm
TRAINING DATES AT GOLDEN CROSSHelen Bridges09-11-17  11:24 am
Laughton Manor 5th NovemberAnna Sadler02-11-17  10:59 am
START TIMES SADDLESDANE SUNDAY 29TH OCTJackie Durkin26-10-17  05:16 pm
Jack in a Box Golden XFrances Collings23-10-17  08:15 pm
Golden Cross Times (Saturday 28th October)Hilly Withenshaw23-10-17  07:35 pm
ICD Wix East ANglia photos 21 Oct 2017Mike Watts21-10-17  07:30 pm
East Anglia start times - Saturday, 21 October, Wix ECFiona Powell18-10-17  04:31 pm
TIMES for Thames Valley @BCA Sunday 22 October Peter Langthorne18-10-17  03:51 pm
Merrist Wood Start Times 22 October 2017Dick Lane15-10-17  05:26 pm
Laughton Manor timesAnna Sadler13-10-17  09:41 am
Norfolk start times at Easton College 15th OctJess Hine09-10-17  04:25 pm
Midlands – Morton Morrell Saturday 7th October 2017Kate Adams04-10-17  01:31 pm
Oaks Event - drive new ICD TestLiz Howe19-09-17  12:09 pm
Do ICD test at Eacdg 1 day event 1st OctMike Watts12-09-17  03:43 pm
TEST FOR THE COMING SEASONICD Office01-09-17  07:56 pm
ANNA GRAYSTON training clinic 23rd septemberHelen Bridges25-08-17  09:45 am
CLASS PROGRESSIONICD Office18-08-17  03:26 pm
East Anglia dates 2017-18Fiona Powell16-08-17  08:12 pm
New season dates - NorfolkJess Hine16-08-17  09:17 am
Training at golden cross ECHelen Bridges03-08-17  05:36 pm
Looking forward to the next 20 years...Rita Bundock10-04-17  04:37 pm
KEYSOE FINALS Information and class timesICD Office31-03-17  03:41 pm
INDOOR FINAL JACK IN A BOXFrances Collings31-03-17  08:56 am
NEW Novice Scholarships at the Championship FinalsICD Office25-03-17  07:04 pm
SATURDAY NIGHT INDOOR FINALS 2017Hilly Withenshaw22-03-17  08:25 pm
THE FINALS entries warning.ICD Office20-03-17  08:21 pm
Training with Mike Daniell at Wix ECFiona Powell20-03-17  02:48 pm
South Area finalists clothingAdrian MacLeod16-03-17  05:01 pm
Event to Event Photos Easton 12th MarchEvelyn Radnai16-03-17  01:24 am
Event to Event Photos ICD Wix 12/3/17Evelyn Radnai14-03-17  05:09 pm
BCA Times Sunday 19th MarchJulie Broadhurst13-03-17  10:53 pm
Norfolk league winnersJess Hine12-03-17  04:05 pm
GOING TO THE FINALS?ICD Office11-03-17  04:24 pm
East Anglia, Wix - Saturday, 11 MarchFiona Powell10-03-17  07:28 pm
Laughton Manor 12th MarchAnna Sadler09-03-17  12:47 pm
Saddlesdane Start Times Sun 12th MarchJackie Durkin08-03-17  10:26 pm
New revised start times for Easton 12th MarJess Hine07-03-17  09:59 pm
Easton start times Sun 12th MarJess Hine07-03-17  06:44 pm
LATE QUALIFIERSICD Office06-03-17  11:40 am
MERRIST WOOD START TIMES 12 MARCH 2017Dick Lane06-03-17  11:00 am
BDS West Of Scotland Driving Extravaganza 2017Julia Whitaker05-03-17  02:07 pm
Merrist Wood 12th MarchDick Lane04-03-17  01:34 pm
Extending online entries for Easton 12th mar eventJess Hine03-03-17  08:11 am
Event to Event Photos WHW 26th February 2017Evelyn Radnai02-03-17  04:13 am
Shuttleworth Times 5th March 2017Rosemary Neale01-03-17  08:55 pm
GOLDEN CROSS TIMES 4 MARCHRita Bundock28-02-17  09:18 pm
Easton event march 12th - dressage testJess Hine27-02-17  08:39 pm
GOLDEN CROSS SPECIALRita Bundock24-02-17  12:09 pm
Event to Event Photos Wix and Easton CollegeEvelyn Radnai24-02-17  12:54 am
Indoor Championships - Special Offer on PhotographsSwingletree Photogra23-02-17  05:28 pm
Have you moved or changed your email address?ICD Office22-02-17  11:02 am
CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS 2017ICD Office21-02-17  05:03 pm
Norfolk - World Horse Welfare 26th Feb start timesJess Hine20-02-17  05:20 pm
Summer 2017 Training Series with Anna GraystonSam Kelly16-02-17  07:26 pm
Oaks Driving Club Indoor Event 18th March 2017Liz Howe14-02-17  12:28 pm
Duckhurst 18-02 TimesHilly Withenshaw13-02-17  07:40 pm
Kent and Sussex Area Points League SupperSarah Owlett13-02-17  07:24 pm
MERRIST WOOD START TIMES 19 FEBRUARY 2017Dick Lane12-02-17  04:19 pm
Laughton Manor Start TimesAnna Sadler08-02-17  05:59 pm
Midlands - Moreton Morrell Times - Sunday 12th FebKate Adams08-02-17  03:00 pm
East Anglia, Wix start times - Saturday, 11 FebruaryFiona Powell08-02-17  11:58 am
GOLDEN CROSS TIMES 11 FebruaryRita Bundock06-02-17  07:09 pm
TIMES for Thames Valley @BCA Saturday 11th February 2017Julie Broadhurst06-02-17  03:04 pm
Start times Saddlesdane 5th FebruaryFrances Collings04-02-17  06:37 pm
Calling all young drivers!Fiona Powell04-02-17  01:55 pm
Special Offer for Indoor Driving Championships 2017Swingletree Photogra04-02-17  11:52 am
QUALIFICATION for the Finals at KeysoeICD Office02-02-17  03:06 pm
Shuttleworth Times 5th February 2017Rosemary Neale01-02-17  01:19 pm
Grimsthorpe Charity Drive - 30th April 2017Carrie Wright30-01-17  08:21 pm
East Anglia, Wix start times - Saturday, 21 JanuaryFiona Powell20-01-17  02:12 pm
Laughton Manor times 22nd January Anna Sadler18-01-17  05:55 pm
MERRIST WOOD START TIMES 22 JANUARY 2017Frances Collings18-01-17  04:13 pm
Easton start times - 22nd Jan 2017Jess Hine16-01-17  08:44 pm
TIMES for Thames Valley @BCA Sunday 22 JanuraryJulie Broadhurst16-01-17  07:07 pm
Be a star? Get your photo published! Here's how...Fiona Powell12-01-17  05:02 pm
Midlands - Morton Morrell January 15 2017Kate Adams12-01-17  01:57 pm
The Championship FinalsICD Office10-01-17  05:35 pm
Duckhurst 14-01 TimesHilly Withenshaw09-01-17  08:28 pm
Advanced notice: change of venue for Norfolk event on February 26thICD Office09-01-17  11:30 am
Entries for Easton Jan 22ndJess Hine08-01-17  05:04 pm
Shuttleworth 8th January TimesRosemary Neale04-01-17  05:34 pm
SUSSEX - GOLDEN CROSS 8 January TIMESRita Bundock02-01-17  12:01 pm
Wix World Cup, Thursday, 29 DecemberMike Watts29-12-16  06:21 pm
BCA Wednesday 28th December 2016 TIMES.Julie Broadhurst23-12-16  03:53 pm
Entries extended for Thames Valley AreaJulie Broadhurst18-12-16  06:37 pm
Morton Morrell December 18th 2016Kate Adams16-12-16  12:13 pm
GOLDEN CROSS 17 DecemberRita Bundock13-12-16  12:23 pm
Easton College start times - 18th DecJess Hine12-12-16  08:02 pm
MERRIST WOOD START TIMES 18 DECEMBER 2016Dick Lane12-12-16  02:35 pm
Easton online entries extended to Sun 11th DecJess Hine08-12-16  01:42 pm
Easton event 18th Dec - reminder for online bookingsJess Hine06-12-16  08:19 am
Duckhurst 10-12 TimesFrances Collings06-12-16  06:07 am
Thames Valley BCA timesJulie Broadhurst05-12-16  09:34 pm
Inside indoor driving - on-foot evening training clinic, Wix Sioux Gardner05-12-16  06:44 pm
Laughton ManorAnna Sadler01-12-16  07:05 pm
Shuttleworth times 4.12.16Rosemary Neale30-11-16  10:46 pm
Photos from WIx 26 Nov 2016Mike Watts28-11-16  05:22 pm
East Anglia, Wix start times - Saturday, 26 NovemberFiona Powell25-11-16  10:12 am
GOLDEN CROSS 26 November running orderFrances Collings22-11-16  05:01 pm
GOLDEN X REVISED TIMESRita Bundock21-11-16  10:55 am
GOLDEN CROSS 26 NovemberICD Office18-11-16  10:04 am
Laughton ManorAnna Sadler17-11-16  08:28 pm
Morton Morrell November 20th 2016Kate Adams15-11-16  01:26 pm
Easton College start times - Sunday 20th NovJess Hine14-11-16  08:16 pm
Taster Event in DorsetJulia Liles10-11-16  12:08 pm
MERRIST WOOD START TIMES 13 NOVEMBER 2016Dick Lane07-11-16  11:02 am
Laghton ManorAnna Sadler27-10-16  10:59 am
Saddlesdane IDHT 30th October 2016 Start timesFrances Collings27-10-16  07:17 am
Pics from Merrist Wood and Wix Oct 2016Lisa Emery26-10-16  06:03 pm
Wix, Saturday, 22 October - start times, etc.Fiona Powell20-10-16  01:14 pm
Laughton manor Anna Sadler19-10-16  07:13 pm
P&P - Note for drivers & precision judges about movement 10Adrian MacLeod19-10-16  10:03 am
Thames Valley BCA timesJulie Broadhurst18-10-16  10:26 pm
Easton College start times - Sat 22 OctJess Hine18-10-16  05:43 pm
MERRIST WOOD START TIMES 23 OCTOBER 2016Dick Lane17-10-16  11:17 am
TRAINING AT GOLDEN CROSS ECHelen Bridges12-10-16  09:32 am
Good indoor driving photos wanted for publication, please!Fiona Powell11-10-16  04:09 pm
Kent area pre indoor season training Friday 21st October Sonny Hillier11-10-16  01:17 pm
Events - please use latest scoring spreadsheet and P&P testFiona Powell07-10-16  05:17 pm
MERRIST WOOD INDOOR EVENT 23rd OctoberDick Lane07-10-16  01:18 pm
GOLDEN CROSS DETAILS AND TIMESRita Bundock05-10-16  11:59 am
Tickhill 9th OctoberAnne Chambers02-10-16  12:42 am
FAO Fiona PowellAdrian MacLeod01-10-16  09:36 pm
GOLDEN CROSS CLOSING DATE CHANGERita Bundock29-09-16  11:35 am
(MIDLANDS) Morton Morrell 2nd October - Start TimesKate Adams28-09-16  02:24 pm
Wix, 22 October - event is full...Fiona Powell28-09-16  01:16 pm
Carriage driving & horse items sale - 22 October, WixFiona Powell28-09-16  01:11 pm
Indoor training and warm-up competitionAdrian MacLeod22-09-16  03:59 pm
Thames Valley BCA Sunday 25th September 2016Julie Broadhurst21-09-16  09:54 am
TRAINING WITH SUSAN SKEGGSHelen Bridges19-09-16  08:35 am
Dressage Training Clinic with Anna GraystonSam Kelly13-09-16  08:16 pm
Last chance to drive in Windsor Great Park before the Indoors start.Martin Pink23-08-16  05:25 pm
The new P&P testICD Office17-08-16  11:49 am
Event details - yearbook - and P&P tests - 2016-17 kicks off!Carole Whittam15-08-16  10:25 am
TRAINING AT GOLDEN CROSS ECHelen Bridges04-08-16  01:24 pm
Pre-season indoor driving training at Wix EC with Mike DaniellFiona Powell03-08-16  09:43 am
Mike Daniell - training days at BlandingsFiona Powell19-07-16  11:52 am
THE CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS 2017ICD Office11-05-16  03:45 pm
Swingletree Photography Championships PicturesSwingletree Photogra26-04-16  06:15 pm
Keysoe Photos Event to EventEvelyn Radnai21-04-16  08:52 pm
Midlands indoor dates for next season 2016 - 2017Kate Adams10-04-16  07:30 pm
Keysoe photos 2016Mike Watts06-04-16  07:42 pm
8TH MAY 2016 - TRAININGSusan Skeggs06-04-16  11:53 am
Watch the ICD Championships liveMike Watts02-04-16  08:39 pm
THE CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS, last postingFrances Collings30-03-16  08:56 pm
Training day with World Champion Anna GraystonAnna Grayston29-03-16  08:32 pm
Prize Vouchers Jack in a BoxFrances Collings25-03-16  08:53 am
The British Indoor Carriage Driving Championship Finals 2016ICD Office24-03-16  06:38 pm
EcoGreen goodies for the raffle at the FinalsFiona Powell24-03-16  11:14 am
Photos Event to Event East Anglia Wix 13 MarchEvelyn Radnai16-03-16  07:55 pm
East Anglia's raffle for Sports Driving UnlimitedFiona Powell16-03-16  02:51 pm
Morton Morrell - Sunday 20th March 2016 - Dressage TimesKate Adams15-03-16  07:02 pm
The BIG Raffle tickets available NOWICD Office13-03-16  11:56 am
East Anglia, Wix - Start times - Sunday, 13 MarchFiona Powell12-03-16  09:57 pm
South Area (Merrist Wood) Finalists team clothingAdrian MacLeod12-03-16  11:13 am
MERRIST WOOD START TIMES 13 MARCH 2016Sally Kerr11-03-16  04:40 pm
Laughton ManorAnna Sadler10-03-16  04:20 pm
Easton College start times - 13th Mar Jess Hine09-03-16  08:14 pm
East Anglia Wix photos Event to Event FebruaryEvelyn Radnai08-03-16  12:39 am
Event to Event Pics Easton FebruaryEvelyn Radnai07-03-16  08:05 pm
Merrist Wood Travel Sun 13 MarchAdrian MacLeod07-03-16  05:52 pm
Times for Shuttleworth 6th MarchRosemary Neale03-03-16  10:21 pm
GOLDEN CROSS TIMES 5 MarchRita Bundock29-02-16  04:34 pm
Laughton ManorAnna Sadler25-02-16  08:43 pm
Kent Area Buffet lunch and a Birthday Celebration Sarah Owlett24-02-16  02:02 pm
East Anglia, 13 March, Sports Driving Unlimited raffleRita Bundock22-02-16  11:22 am
Merrist Wood March 13th eventDick Lane21-02-16  05:55 pm
Midlands - Sunday 21st February 2016Kate Adams18-02-16  07:44 am
Photographs from Thames Valley Feb 2016Swingletree Photogra17-02-16  08:05 pm
THE FINALS INFORMATIONICD Office17-02-16  07:37 pm
Norfolk - Easton College start times - 21st FebJess Hine17-02-16  05:56 pm
Easton college - please check last message for start timesJess Hine17-02-16  05:54 pm
GOLDEN CROSS TIMES SUNDAY 21 FEBRUARYRita Bundock16-02-16  11:12 am
The Finals BIG RaffleICD Office16-02-16  11:02 am
Training for everyone with Mike Daniell, Wix ECFiona Powell15-02-16  04:38 pm
East Anglia, Wix - Start times - Sunday, 14 FebruaryFiona Powell11-02-16  08:51 am
Duckhurst 13-02 Start TimesHilly Withenshaw09-02-16  06:40 pm
DRESSAGE TRAINING FOR KEYSOEHelen Bridges08-02-16  03:44 pm
MERRIST WOOD START TIMES 14 FEBRUARY 2016Dick Lane08-02-16  11:44 am
Thames Valley Times Sat 13 Feb 2016Julie Broadhurst07-02-16  10:25 pm
Start times P & P Saddlesdane Sunday 7/2/16Jackie Durkin04-02-16  04:39 pm
Shuttleworth Times 7th February 2016Rosemary Neale03-02-16  06:58 am
Photos from Wix, 23 JanuaryFiona Powell24-01-16  07:32 pm
THE CHAMPIONSHIP FINALSICD Office23-01-16  02:15 pm
East Anglia, Wix - Start times - Saturday, 23 JanuaryFiona Powell22-01-16  05:28 pm
Thames Valley start timesJulie Broadhurst17-01-16  07:28 pm
Easton college - 17th January!Ginny White17-01-16  05:57 pm
IMPORTANT - DUCHY COLLEGE EVENTS - Devon & CornwallICD Office16-01-16  12:18 pm
Laughton ManorAnna Sadler14-01-16  08:35 pm
Moreton Morrell start times 17th January Kate Adams13-01-16  08:30 pm
THAMES VALLEY @ BCA Update on roofSam H13-01-16  07:52 pm
Easton college start times - Sunday 17th FebJess Hine13-01-16  05:12 pm
MERRIST WOOD START TIMES 17 JANUARY 2016Dick Lane11-01-16  02:35 pm
MERRIST WOOD 17TH JANUARY- ENTRIES FULLDick Lane04-01-16  08:07 pm
Easton College entriesJess Hine04-01-16  12:22 pm
Shuttleworth Times 03.01.16Rosemary Neale30-12-15  10:38 pm
East Anglia Wix 30Dec World Cup resultsMike Watts30-12-15  05:25 pm
GOLDEN CROSS 2 January TIMESRita Bundock28-12-15  07:00 am
East Anglia - Wix World CupLesley Young27-12-15  03:26 pm
Wix World Cup, Wednesday, 30 DecemberFiona Powell26-12-15  05:00 pm
New date for Thames ValleyJulie Broadhurst21-12-15  09:43 pm
THAMES VALLEY @ BCA CANCELLED Julie Broadhurst19-12-15  05:52 pm
Laughton ManorAnna Sadler17-12-15  08:58 pm
Morton Morrell start times 20th DecemberKate Adams16-12-15  10:02 pm
Easton college start times - 20th decJess Hine16-12-15  08:59 pm
Images from Merrist Wood - 13 DecPeter Blackman14-12-15  07:00 pm
Book now! Three-day First Aid at Work course Fiona Powell10-12-15  08:49 pm
Training with Mike Daniell - Wix ECFiona Powell08-12-15  05:23 pm
Duckhurst 12-12 Times Hilly Withenshaw07-12-15  08:11 pm
Easton college event on 20th decJess Hine07-12-15  05:13 pm
MERRIST WOOD START 13 DECEMBER 2015Dick Lane07-12-15  11:46 am
Golden Cross THANKSRita Bundock06-12-15  11:14 am
ICD Scoring spreadsheet updateMike Watts03-12-15  11:04 am
GOLDEN CROSS 5 December Times Frances Collings02-12-15  07:32 am
TIMES FOR SHUTTLEWORTH 6.12.15Rosemary Neale01-12-15  10:50 am
ICD Rules on Body Protectors.ICD Office30-11-15  11:24 am
Body protectors - what to wear? Fiona Powell27-11-15  11:25 am
Moreton Morrell - REVISED TIMES 29/11/15Kate Adams26-11-15  11:13 pm
Thames Valley Sun 29 Nov 2015 CANCELLED!!!!!!!Julie Broadhurst26-11-15  09:02 pm
Saddlesdane Start Times Sun 29th NovemberJackie Durkin26-11-15  06:37 pm
Moroton Morrell Indoor Times - 29th NovemberKate Adams25-11-15  06:23 pm
East Anglia - Wix - Sunday 29 November - Start timesFiona Powell24-11-15  04:44 pm
SUSSEX EVENT CANCELATIONRita Bundock23-11-15  07:53 pm
878 can't be wrong!Fiona Powell23-11-15  09:51 am
Thames Valley start times Sun 29 Nov 2015Julie Broadhurst20-11-15  07:52 pm
Laughton Manor 22nd NovemberAnna Sadler19-11-15  08:21 pm
Confusion of driver statusMike Watts19-11-15  10:21 am
Airowear and Racesafe Body ProtectorsFrances Collings18-11-15  02:27 pm
Revised times for easton collegeJess Hine18-11-15  01:34 pm
Easton College start times - Sun 22nd NovJess Hine16-11-15  02:11 pm
CROCKSTEAD TIMES 21 Nov.Rita Bundock16-11-15  12:00 pm
MERRIST WOOD START TIMES 15 NOVEMBER 2015Dick Lane04-11-15  12:16 pm
East Anglia - Wix - Sunday 29 November is full!Fiona Powell04-11-15  10:12 am
GOLDEN CROSS. 7 NOVEMBER TIMESRita Bundock03-11-15  07:44 pm
JACK IN A BOX MOBILE SHOP AT GOLDEN XFrances Collings02-11-15  09:58 am
JACK IN A BOX MOBILE SHOP AT DUCKHURSTFrances Collings02-11-15  09:56 am
Times For Shuttleworth Sunday !st NovemberRosemary Neale28-10-15  03:10 pm
TRAINING WITH ANNA GRAYSTON 7.11.15Rosemary Neale28-10-15  03:00 pm
East Anglia - Wix - Saturday 24 October - Start timesMike Watts25-10-15  06:35 pm
Lost property - Wix 24 Oct 2015Mike Watts24-10-15  06:43 pm
Thames Valley start times Sun 25 Oct 2015Julie Broadhurst22-10-15  08:19 pm
TRAINING DATES Susan Skeggs21-10-15  11:06 pm
Laughton ManorAnna Sadler21-10-15  06:22 pm
Duckhurst 24-10 TimesHilly Withenshaw20-10-15  09:49 am
Easton College start times for sundayMaria Keady18-10-15  07:52 pm
Morton Morrell - Indoor 18th October 2015 Carole Redgrave16-10-15  03:58 pm
P&P Times North West 18.10.15Carole Redgrave16-10-15  03:56 pm
GOLDEN CROSS TIMES - 10 OctoberAdam Wyllie10-10-15  07:32 pm
MERRIST WOOD START TIMES 18 OCTOBER 2015Frances Collings07-10-15  12:19 pm
Janet SycamoreRita Bundock06-10-15  04:20 pm
BODY/BACK PROTECTORSSam H11 06-10-15  01:08 pm
MEMBERSHIP DETAILSICD Office02-10-15  05:06 pm
SHUTTLEWORTH TIMES 04.10.15Rosemary Neale30-09-15  04:47 pm
P&P tests and dates 2015-16Carole Whittam30-09-15  07:44 am
DAY MEMBERSHIPICD Office28-09-15  08:27 pm
Raffles Kent AreaSarah Owlett21-09-15  08:58 pm
ICD OFFICE CLOSEDICD Office12-09-15  11:53 am
Training with Mike DaniellFiona Powell09-09-15  09:37 am
POSTAL MEMBERSHIP & ENTRIESICD Office03-09-15  11:49 am
ONLINE ENTRIES / MEMBERSHIPMike Watts02-09-15  06:12 pm
Training for the indoor seasaonAdrian MacLeod01-09-15  11:38 am
Online membership renewal?ICD Office28-08-15  12:06 pm
OFFICE Email OFF LINEICD Office11-08-15  10:16 pm
Torrent DuchessChristina Fowden02-08-15  07:27 pm
Championship photographsFrances Kay08-04-15  04:01 pm
ThankyouFiona Powell07-04-15  08:17 am
Peter Blackman Photography - Pictures from KeysoePeter Blackman07-04-15  03:12 am
Pictures from KeysoeMike Watts06-04-15  12:12 pm
MORE KEYSOE P&P INFOSam H01-04-15  09:03 pm
BDS Publicity StandRosemary Neale25-03-15  09:30 am
Programme for the Indoor Finals - 3-5 AprilFiona Powell25-03-15  06:58 am
A1 Black Cat Roundabout "improvements" - check your route to Keysoe...Fiona Powell24-03-15  07:14 pm
Peter Blackman Photography Merrist Wood PicturesPeter Blackman24-03-15  06:04 pm
JACK IN A BOX MERRISTWOODFrances Collings17-03-15  06:09 pm
MERRIST WOOD START TIMES 22 MARCH 2015Dick Lane17-03-15  02:28 pm
Training with Mike Daniell at Wix and BlandingsFiona Powell17-03-15  08:33 am
Championship finals ENTRIES closing soonIHDTC Office16-03-15  10:49 am
Event to Event Photos Forest Edge / Easton / Wix.Evelyn Radnai12-03-15  11:56 am
Sunday 15th March - Morton Morrell IndoorKate Adams11-03-15  08:18 pm
Easton College - East Norfolk P & P 15.03.15Elizabeth Tyas11-03-15  06:54 pm
NOTICE OF AGMIHDTC Office09-03-15  10:05 pm
Keysoe Finals InfoIHDTC Office06-03-15  04:10 pm
East Anglia, Wix - Saturday, 7 March - start timesMike Watts06-03-15  02:43 pm
Saturday Night Entertainment at the Indoor Carriage Driving FinalsHilly Withenshaw04-03-15  09:00 pm
SHUTTLEWORTH TIMES SUNDAY MARCH 8THRosemary Neale03-03-15  09:55 pm
GOLDEN CROSS 7 March TIMESRita Bundock03-03-15  08:16 pm
Indoor bridge training !!!Susan Skeggs02-03-15  02:15 pm
Places available at East Anglia, Wix!Fiona Powell02-03-15  10:46 am
Microsoft Security update stops scoring spreadsheet working?Mike Watts28-02-15  07:11 am
THE FINALSMike Watts26-02-15  12:22 pm
Forest Edge March 1stCathy Gilbert25-02-15  07:53 am
Small pony pairs & novice horse class looking for sponsors?IHDTC Office24-02-15  07:13 pm
Easton College - East Norfolk 22.2.15Fiona Gordon-Clarke23-02-15  06:40 pm
ATTENTION SOUTH AREA.IHDTC Office20-02-15  12:35 pm
Bill Dagge's funeralCaroline Gill18-02-15  05:56 pm
South East Region Points League SupperSarah Owlett15-02-15  01:52 pm
Start times, Wix - Sunday, 15 FebruaryFiona Powell14-02-15  01:24 pm
Training with Sarah Jane Williams, Blandings, 18 AprilFiona Powell14-02-15  10:35 am
DUCKHURST TIMES 14 FebruaryRita Bundock11-02-15  07:32 pm
Moreton morrell 15th febBecky Woodhouse11-02-15  04:02 pm
Morton Morrell 15th February Indoor Times Kate Adams11-02-15  12:21 pm
Thames Valley BCA start times 14 FebruaryJudith Broom10-02-15  02:36 pm
MERRIST WOOD START TIMES 15 FEBRUARY 2015Dick Lane09-02-15  03:45 pm
Training with Mike Daniell at Blandings - all welcomeFiona Powell09-02-15  10:24 am
Revised Shuttleworth TimesRosemary Neale04-02-15  10:15 pm
South East - SaddlesdaneJackie Durkin04-02-15  08:32 pm
SHUTTLEWORTH TIMES 08.02.15Rosemary Neale04-02-15  07:07 pm
SARACEN & MCTIMMONEY TALK 6th FebFrances Collings03-02-15  01:42 pm
SOUTH EAST - DUCKHURSTRita Bundock02-02-15  07:13 am
Forest Edge 1st Feb 2015 - TimesCathy Gilbert29-01-15  08:39 pm
Old content archivedMike Watts22-01-15  01:12 pm
GOLDEN CROSS 24 January TIMESRita Bundock21-01-15  08:40 pm
Easton College - East Norfolk P & P 25.1.15Fiona Gordon-Clarke21-01-15  03:12 pm
JACK IN A BOX GOLDEN XFrances Collings21-01-15  12:54 pm
Thames Valley BCA - start time 25th JanuaryJudith Broom21-01-15  11:07 am
Arena Challenge In Cheshire 31st Jan!!!Carole Redgrave20-01-15  02:48 pm
Pics and maps from Wix 17 Jan 2015Mike Watts18-01-15  03:14 pm
The Championship FinalsIHDTC Office15-01-15  09:50 pm
Morton Morrell Dressage Times 18th January Kate Adams14-01-15  08:17 pm
GOLDEN CROSS 24 JanuaryRita Bundock13-01-15  10:52 pm
MERRIST WOOD START TIMES 18 JANUARY 2015Dick Lane13-01-15  11:24 am
East Anglia, Wix - Saturday, 17 JanuaryFiona Powell12-01-15  06:06 pm
JACK IN A BOX MERRIST WOOD next SundayFrances Collings12-01-15  01:22 pm
SHUTTLEWORTH TIMES 11.01.15Rosemary Neale06-01-15  10:25 pm
East Anglia, Wix - please get your entries in!Fiona Powell05-01-15  05:25 pm
Jan 4th Dressage Times Forest EdgeCathy Gilbert01-01-15  08:50 pm
PLUMPTON 3 January TIMESIHDTC Office28-12-14  10:17 pm
Wix 28 Dec 2014 - Results and PicsMike Watts28-12-14  04:42 pm
Wix World Cup - Sunday, 28 December - ProgrammeFiona Powell23-12-14  08:28 pm
Thames Valley start times 28th DecemberJudith Broom23-12-14  08:45 am
SHUTTLEWORTH START TIMES 21.12.2014Rosemary Neale17-12-14  07:41 pm
Easton College - East Norfolk P & P 21.12.14Elizabeth Tyas17-12-14  05:50 pm
Jack in a Box Christmas Presents at DuckhurstFrances Collings16-12-14  08:42 pm
DUCKHURST TIMES 20 December 2014Rita Bundock16-12-14  08:28 pm
Moreton Morrell December 14th timesKate Adams10-12-14  02:16 pm
MERRISTWOOD JACK IN A BOX CHRISTMASFrances Collings09-12-14  02:57 pm
MERRIST WOOD START TIMES 14 DECEMBER 2014Dick Lane09-12-14  09:46 am
CORRECTION 14TH DEC !!Dick Lane05-12-14  08:56 pm
MERRIST WOOD 15TH DEC EVENT STILL 0PENDick Lane05-12-14  08:54 pm
Forest Edge 7th DecCathy Gilbert04-12-14  10:30 pm
East Anglia, Wix - 17 January event is half-full now!Fiona Powell03-12-14  08:11 am
JACK IN A BOX GOLDEN X THIS SATURDAYFrances Collings02-12-14  06:15 am
MERRIST WOOD 14TH DEC NOW FULLDick Lane01-12-14  08:47 pm
East Anglia - training with Mike Daniell at WixFiona Powell01-12-14  11:38 am
GOLDEN CROSS TIMES 6 Dec 2014Rita Bundock29-11-14  11:56 am
Start times Saddlesdane 30th November 14Jackie Durkin26-11-14  04:39 pm
Jack in a Box SaddlesdaneFrances Collings26-11-14  01:58 pm
South East - GOLDEN CROSS 6 DecemberRita Bundock24-11-14  10:07 pm
Photos from East Anglia Wix 22 Nov 2014Mike Watts23-11-14  09:09 pm
It's Wix World Cup time again! Sunday, 28 DecemberFiona Powell23-11-14  08:46 am
OUTDOOR RUGS AT PLUMPTON Frances Collings20-11-14  06:41 pm
Midland Area - Moreton Morrel Dressage Times 23th NovemberKate Adams19-11-14  07:47 pm
East Anglia, Wix - Saturday, 22 November - Start timesFiona Powell18-11-14  09:09 am
PLUMPTON COLLEGE TIMESRita Bundock16-11-14  07:41 am
Jack in a Box - MerristwoodFrances Collings14-11-14  09:41 pm
Jack in a Box - PlumptonFrances Collings14-11-14  09:39 pm
MERRIST WOOD START TIMES 23 NOVEMBER 2014Dick Lane14-11-14  03:54 pm
Hold the front page! Indoor report on BC site...Fiona Powell13-11-14  08:49 am
Times for Easton College, Norwich 16.11.14Elizabeth Tyas12-11-14  01:11 pm
Easton College, Norwich - East NorfolkElizabeth Tyas10-11-14  08:00 am
TIMES FOR SHUTTLEWORTH 9TH NOV Rosemary Neale05-11-14  09:57 pm
PLUMPTON 22 NovRita Bundock05-11-14  11:24 am
Thames Valley start times 8th Nov 2014Judith Broom04-11-14  08:06 pm
SOUTH EAST - Plumpton 22 NovemberRita Bundock03-11-14  12:44 pm
Forest Edge 2nd Nov Dressage TimesCathy Gilbert29-10-14  11:20 pm
Shuttleworth 9th November Now FullRosemary Neale29-10-14  09:14 am
East Anglia Wix pics 25 Oct 2014Mike Watts26-10-14  10:53 am
MERRIST WOOD 23RD NOV NOW FULLDick Lane26-10-14  09:48 am
East Anglia - Wix, Saturday, 25 October - Start TimesFiona Powell26-10-14  09:21 am
REVISED DUCKHURST TIMESRita Bundock21-10-14  08:28 pm
DUCKHURST TIMES 25 October Rita Bundock20-10-14  04:31 pm
East Anglia - Wix, 25 October - almost full!Nicolette Hughes15-10-14  06:27 pm
MERRIST WOOD START TIMES 19TH OCTOBER 2014Dick Lane12-10-14  12:46 pm
Midland Oct event cancelledCath Brockie12-10-14  07:36 am
Amended P & P Times for Easton - Sunday 12.10.14Elizabeth Tyas09-10-14  06:08 pm
Easton College - East Norfolk P & P 12.10.14Jason Piggin09-10-14  05:23 pm
Bedfordshire Indoor times - Milton Keynes Eventing Centre 12th Octo...Rosemary Neale08-10-14  09:50 pm
Sparsholt Photographs - Peter Blackman PhotographyPeter Blackman07-10-14  09:14 pm
Forest Edge Dressage Times sun 5th OctoberCathy Gilbert02-10-14  04:38 pm
GOLDEN CROSS 4 OctoberRita Bundock30-09-14  09:32 pm
MERRIST WOOD 19TH OCT NOW FULLDick Lane30-09-14  06:31 pm
2014 -2015 DRIVER STATUSIHDTC Office24-09-14  09:23 pm
START OF THE NEW SEASON IHDTC Office24-09-14  04:06 pm
Forest Edge 5th OctoberCathy Gilbert23-09-14  09:25 pm
MEMBERSHIP 2014 - 2015IHDTC Office13-09-14  10:31 pm
BCd National Novice competitorsIHDTC Office10-09-14  11:01 am
Normanhurst 2014 resultsMike Watts31-08-14  07:07 pm
Dates for Winter CompsIHDTC Office22-08-14  09:07 pm
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