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Here you will find the results of all events run by the club, submitted to us by the kind help of all the event secretaries

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Totals for 2005-6 by Champs Class

Here are totals from the following events in 2005-6:

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RegionNum eventsStartersNovice PonyIntermediate PonyOpen PonyNovice HorseIntermediate HorseOpen HorseNovice JuniorIntermediate JuniorOpen JuniorClubPony TeamPony PairHorse PairSmall PonySmall Pony PairPony TandemHorse TandemHorse TeamVeteran
!National Finals 2005 200617700000000000000000590
Devon and Cornwall3240000000000000000000
East Anglia61320000800001000000000
Midlands West71340000000000000000000
North East6730000000000000000000
North West5340000000000000000000
South East61590000000000000000000
South West1200000000000000000000
Wales and Gloucester6920000000000000000000