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About the club

In 1998 Dick Carey, carriage builder, course builder and National Horse Driving Trials competitor, had the idea of indoor carriage driving and organised the first event at Blue Barn EC, Ashford, Kent, for the Shepway Harness Club.  Trisha Croud, a Shepway member, persuaded Pfizer (Sandwich) Ltd to sponsor the first six events in the South East indoor champtionship and the finals, enabling the sport to take off throughout the country.

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ICD UK now has three vans, stuffed with all the equipment needed to run the events and driven at incredible speeds by cheerful volunteers who live chiefly on bacon sandwiches and tea.  They hurtle through the dawn to run the events held in sixteen regions in England and Scotland from October to April.  Their season culminates with the Finals at The College EC, Keysoe, Bedfordshire; an exciting two-day event where the regional winners and qualifiers show the best they can do.

All the regional events are run by local organisers who rope in friends, relatives and others to steward and help make the day a success. We expect over 2000 entries in this season's eighty plus championship events.

If you'd like to support indoor carriage driving, please join the Indoor Carriage Driving Club. You don't have to be a carriage driver (although you must be a member in order to compete). You'll get regular news throughout the season too and membership's only 30.00!

The phases

There are three phases; precision and paces; cones; obstacles.

Each phase is scored separately and the winner of each class is the person with the lowest combined score.

through the obstacles at Forest Edge