Paces and precision

During the competition the judges indicate their marks for each movement, immediately it has been completed, by holding up a board indicating the number scored. One judge marks the precision of the movement the other judges the pace of its execution. The scorer notes the marks given. The judge has no written work to do. This allows tests to start at 5 minute intervals, so an entry of 25-30 complete this section in 2 1/2 hours.

New tests have been developed for the coming season and are featured in all the schedules.

The Precision & Paces arena is 50 metres by 20 metres with its markers being evenly spaced along its long sides. The judges are positioned at C and B/E. One judge marks paces while the other marks precision (just the accuracy of the course taken). For each judge, the marks are added up, taken from the perfect score and multiplied by 0.5 to give the penalty score.

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