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Here you will find the results of all events run by the club, submitted to us by the kind help of all the event secretaries

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Totals for 2003-4

Here are totals from the following events in 2003-4:

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DateRegionEventStartersNovice Single PonyOpen Single PonyNovice Single HorseOpen Single HorseMultiples - PairsMultiples - TandemsSingle Pony (Combined)Single Horse (Combined)JuniorClubMultiples (Combined)TeamsIntermediate PonyIntermediate HorseExtra Young JuniorsYoung JuniorsSenior JuniorsVeteransPony PairsHorse PairsSmall PonySmall Pony Pairs
3 Apr 2004!National Finals 2003 2004Keysoe7916135912600180000000000000
9 Nov 2003Devon And CornwallCoombe Park157100300400000000000000
15 Feb 2004Devon And CornwallDuchy College194900200400000000000000
28 Mar 2004Devon And CornwallCoome Park157010300400000000000000
19 Oct 2003Devon and CornwallDuchy College128003100000000000000000
12 Oct 2003East AngliaTowerlands198450200000000000000000
15 Nov 2003East AngliaTowerlands2713600200600000000000000
6 Dec 2003East AngliaWix equestrian centre176540110000000000000000
2 Jan 2004East Angliawix equestrian centre175400120500000000000000
2 Nov 2003Midlands EastManor Farm166500100400000000000000
30 Nov 2003Midlands EastStags End EC155300200500000000000000
4 Jan 2004Midlands Eaststags end184500410400000000000000
15 Feb 2004Midlands EastMILTON KEYNES EQ C 195400410500000000000000
21 Mar 2004Midlands EastMILTON KEYNES EQ C 124200200400000000000000
12 Oct 2003Midlands WestMorton Morell187620300000000000000000
21 Dec 2003Midlands WestMORETON MORRELL178420300000000000000000
18 Jan 2004Midlands WestMORETON MORRELL197500200500000000000000
22 Feb 2004Midlands WestMORETON MORRELL165602120000000000000000
18 Oct 2003North EastTickhill E C176405020000000000000000
29 Nov 2003North EastTickhill208332310000000000000000
17 Jan 2004North EastTickhill E C 176200300600000000000000
6 Mar 2004North EastTICKHILL187304220000000000000000
26 Oct 2003North WestHunters Gate195600320300000000000000
16 Nov 2003North WestAdlington205700410300000000000000
30 Nov 2003North WestHunters Gate153400210500000000000000
4 Jan 2004North WestAdlington185500400400000000000000
15 Feb 2004North West133511210000000000000000
14 Mar 2004North WestAdlington124401210000000000000000
12 Oct 2003ScotlandMuirmillEC246655200000000000000000
18 Oct 2003ScotlandSessnie103211210000000000000000
23 Nov 2003SouthMerrist Wood238500600400000000000000
21 Dec 2003Southsparsholt college155600100300000000000000
11 Jan 2004SouthMERRISTWOOD GUILDFORD268933120000000000000000
21 Feb 2004SouthMERRISTWOOD GUILDFORD228353210000000000000000
14 Mar 2004SouthSPARSHOLT229600100600000000000000
1 Nov 2003South EastGolden Cross3010727400000000000000000
14 Dec 2003South EastLimes Farm Hawkinge Kent2410505310000000000000000
27 Dec 2003South EastGolden Cross Equestrian centre2610500410600000000000000
17 Jan 2004South EastRoyal Leisure Henfield259900300400000000000000
7 Feb 2004South Eastduckhurst eq centre2612600300500000000000000
21 Feb 2004South EastGOLDEN CROSS EQ C 219702300000000000000000
7 Mar 2004South EastLimes Farm Hawkinge Kent1911203300000000000000000
5 Oct 2003South WestForest Of Dean126202200000000000000000
2 Nov 2003South WestHand EC2214300100400000000000000
23 Nov 2003South WestHand EC2212300200500000000000000
27 Dec 2003South WestForest of Dean139000200200000000000000
1 Feb 2004South West1710232000000000000000000
7 Mar 2004South WestHand EC2111433000000000000000000
2 Nov 2003WessexSparsholt258923300000000000000000
1 Feb 2004Wessex1810304100000000000000000
Total50 1002