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Totals for NationalFinals

Here are totals from the following events in NationalFinals:

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DateRegionEventStartersNovice Single PonyOpen Single PonyNovice Single HorseOpen Single HorseMultiples - PairsMultiples - TandemsSingle Pony (Combined)Single Horse (Combined)JuniorClubMultiples (Combined)TeamsIntermediate PonyIntermediate HorseExtra Young JuniorsYoung JuniorsSenior JuniorsVeteransPony PairsHorse PairsSmall PonySmall Pony Pairs
24 Nov 2001!National Finals 2000 2001Keysoe47115475500100000000000000
1 May 2002!National Finals 2001 2002Keysoe58179881060000000000000000
5 May 2003!National Finals 2002 2003Keysoe7014115911500150000000000000
3 Apr 2004!National Finals 2003 2004Keysoe7916135912600180000000000000
2 May 2005!National Finals 2004 2005Keysoe8217147121260000000007700000
25 Apr 2006!National Finals 2005 2006Keysoe77171201212600000000061200000
1 May 2007!National Finals 2006 2007Keysoe1051516511040000040006141313400
29 Apr 2008!National Finals 2007 2008Keysoe11720157718300000455451680000
6 Apr 2009!National Finals 2008 2009Keysoe119151511110600000472361168257
9 Apr 2010!National Finals 2009 2010Keysoe127151313100500000493371568466
1 Apr 2011!National Finals 2010 2011Keysoe1401925111900000000505000110000
29 Mar 2012!National Finals 2011 2012Keysoe1321712101100000000154000400000
5 Apr 2013!National Finals 2012 2013Keysoe135192414100000000085000550000
4 Apr 2014!National Finals 2013 2014Keysoe150192915280000000097000430000
3 Apr 2015!National Finals 2014 2015Keysoe135181393600000000127000000400
1 Apr 2016ChampionshipsKeysoe156172291000000000336000000450
7 Apr 2017ChampionshipsKeysoe1442318819000000001419000000300
6 Apr 2018ChampionshipsKeysoe140171520700000000186000000410
5 Apr 2019ChampionshipsKeysoe1312229111900000000103000000370
Total19 2144