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Here you will find the results of all events run by the club, submitted to us by the kind help of all the event secretaries

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Totals for 2004-5

Here are totals from the following events in 2004-5:

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2 May 2005!National Finals 2004 2005Keysoe08282
24 Oct 2004Devon and CornwallDuchy College02121
28 Nov 2004Devon and CornwallDuchy College02323
13 Feb 2005Devon and CornwallDuchy College01111
24 Oct 2004East AngliaORWELL EQUESTRIAN CENTRE01515
7 Nov 2004East AngliaORWELL EQ C 01515
29 Dec 2004East Angliawix equestrian centre02222
29 Jan 2005East Angliawix equestrian centre02323
26 Feb 2005East Angliawix equestrian centre02121
12 Mar 2005East Angliawix equestrian centre02323
23 Oct 2004Midlands EastSTAGS END01818
28 Nov 2004Midlands EastSTAGS END EQ C 02121
7 Nov 2004Midlands EastSTAGS END EQ C 02424
12 Dec 2004Midlands EastSTAGS END EQ C 02020
31 Oct 2004Midlands WestGRACELANDS EC01616
31 Oct 2004Midlands WestGRACELANDS EC UPDATE 02626
14 Nov 2004Midlands WestMORETON MORRELL01919
12 Dec 2004Midlands WestMORETON MORRELL02323
30 Jan 2005Midlands WestGRACELANDS EUESTRIAN CENTRE01919
13 Feb 2005Midlands WestMORETON MORRELL01818
17 Oct 2004North EastTickhill02121
7 Nov 2004North EastTICKHILL01919
5 Dec 2004North EastTICKHILL02323
30 Jan 2005North EastTICKHILL01919
20 Feb 2005North EastTICKHILL01616
20 Feb 2005North EastUPDATE01616
24 Oct 2004North WestHunters Gate02020
21 Nov 2004North WestAdlington01919
28 Nov 2004North WestHunters Gate01919
2 Jan 2005North WestAdlington02020
23 Jan 2005North WestNorthop01111
6 Feb 2005North WestNorthop01414
27 Feb 2005North WestHunters Gate088
20 Mar 2005North WestAdlington077
20 Mar 2005North WestAdlington Update01616
20 Mar 2005North WestUpdate000
17 Oct 2004ScotlandDabbs02222
24 Oct 2004ScotlandMuirmill02121
6 Mar 2005ScotlandIngliston02323
13 Mar 2005ScotlandJumps02323
23 Oct 2004South EastGolden Cross02222
28 Nov 2004South EastLimes Farm Hawkinge Kent01919
22 Jan 2005South EastGOLDEN CROSS EQ C 02626
8 Jan 2005South EastROYAL LEISURE HENFIELD01616
12 Feb 2005South EastDUCKHURST EQ CENTRE02121
25 Feb 2005South EastGOLDEN CROSS EQ C 02828
17 Oct 2004South WestHand02525
21 Nov 2004South WestHand EC01616
21 Nov 2004South WestHand EC Update02222
7 Nov 2004South WestForest of Dean01313
27 Feb 2005South WestHAND EQUESTRIAN CENTRE01414
31 Oct 2004WessexSparsholt01919
31 Oct 2004WessexSparsholt College In Placings Order 01919
5 Dec 2004WessexSPARSHOLT02121
30 Jan 2005WessexSparsholt College02121
20 Feb 2005WessexSparsholt College02323
Total60 012171217