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Here you will find the results of all events run by the club, submitted to us by the kind help of all the event secretaries

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Totals for 2017-18

Here are totals from the following events in 2017-18:

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1 Oct 2017BedfordshireShuttleworth01414
5 Nov 2017BedfordshireShuttleworth02020
7 Jan 2018BedfordshireShuttleworth College01616
4 Feb 2018BedfordshireShuttleworth01515
6 Apr 2018ChampionshipsKeysoe0140140
18 Nov 2017Devon and CornwallDuchy College4610
1 Dec 2017Devon and CornwallDuchy College5510
24 Feb 2018Devon and CornwallDuchy College347
30 Dec 2017DorsetKingston Maurward02020
21 Oct 2017East AngliaWix61723
25 Nov 2017East AngliaWix51722
27 Jan 2018East AngliaWix51520
10 Feb 2018East AngliaWix61824
11 Mar 2018East AngliaWix41923
10 Dec 2017JerseyLes Marais044
28 Jan 2018JerseyLes Marais044
11 Feb 2018JerseyLes Marais044
4 Mar 2018JerseyLes Marais044
18 Mar 2018JerseyLes Marais044
29 Oct 2017KentSaddlesdane02121
2 Dec 2017KentDuckhurst02525
1 Jan 2018KentDuckhurst02222
4 Feb 2018KentSaddlesdane01818
17 Feb 2018KentDuckhurst02323
11 Mar 2018KentSaddlesdane01616
15 Oct 2017LincsLaughton Manor02727
5 Nov 2017LincsLaughton Manor02828
21 Jan 2018LincsLaughton Manor02424
11 Feb 2018LincsLaughton Manor02828
18 Mar 2018LincsLaughton Manor02424
22 Oct 2017Mid WalesLlwynon Saddlery Trecastle145
5 Nov 2017Mid WalesLlwynon Saddlery Trecastle055
3 Dec 2017Mid WalesLLywnon Saddlery055
28 Jan 2018Mid WalesLlwynon Saddlery Trecastle055
18 Feb 2018Mid WalesLLwynon Saddlery167
7 Oct 2017MidlandsMorton Morrell31821
12 Nov 2017MidlandsMorton Morrell33033
17 Dec 2017MidlandsMorton Morell22527
7 Jan 2018MidlandsMorton Morrell02020
4 Feb 2018Midlandsmorton morrell11920
15 Oct 2017NorfolkEaston62228
19 Nov 2017NorfolkEaston62632
10 Dec 2017NorfolkEaston52227
21 Jan 2018NorfolkEaston22022
8 Oct 2017North ScotlandFountain EC01414
22 Oct 2017North ScotlandFountain EC02020
11 Mar 2018North ScotlandFountain EC01313
1 Apr 2018North ScotlandFountain EC01616
21 Oct 2017North WestReaseheath181836
25 Nov 2017North WestReaseheath181432
20 Jan 2018North WestReaseheath131225
17 Feb 2018North WestReaseheath03131
10 Mar 2018North WestReaseheath03030
29 Oct 2017North YorksAskham Bryan01414
26 Nov 2017North YorksAskham Bryan01313
17 Dec 2017North YorksAskham Bryan01414
28 Jan 2018North YorksAskham Bryan01212
18 Feb 2018North YorksAskham Bryan01212
8 Oct 2017Notts and South YorksTickhill02323
12 Nov 2017Notts and South YorksTickhill03333
3 Dec 2017Notts and South YorksTickhill02626
14 Jan 2018Notts and South YorksTickhill03030
4 Feb 2018Notts and South YorksTickhill02525
11 Mar 2018Notts and South YorksTickhill02222
25 Mar 2018Notts and South YorksTickhill02121
22 Oct 2017SouthMerrist Wood03939
19 Nov 2017SouthMerrist Wood04646
10 Dec 2017SouthMerrist Wood04444
21 Jan 2018SouthMerrist Wood03939
18 Feb 2018SouthMerrist Wood03636
17 Mar 2018SouthMerrist Wood02929
14 Oct 2017South Scotland and North CumbriaNewton Rigg02626
18 Nov 2017South Scotland and North CumbriaNewton Rigg02828
9 Dec 2017South Scotland and North CumbriaNewton Rigg03232
18 Feb 2018South Scotland and North CumbriaNewton Rigg02222
10 Mar 2018South Scotland and North CumbriaNewton Rigg02323
8 Oct 2017South WalesPencoed College01515
12 Nov 2017South WalesPencoed College02121
23 Dec 2017South WalesSouth Wales Carriage Driving Centre01212
14 Jan 2018South WalesSouth Wales Carriage Driving Centre01515
11 Feb 2018South WalesPencoed College01818
8 Oct 2017South WestStretcholt02424
12 Nov 2017South WestStretcholt02828
3 Dec 2017South WestStretcholt02424
14 Jan 2018South WestStretcholt02626
11 Feb 2018South WestStretcholt02424
11 Mar 2018South WestStretcholt01616
28 Oct 2017SussexGolden Cross03434
26 Nov 2017SussexGolden Cross03434
9 Dec 2017SussexGolden Cross02626
14 Jan 2018SussexGolden Cross02929
10 Feb 2018SussexGolden Cross02626
22 Oct 2017Thames ValleyBerkshire College02626
21 Jan 2018Thames ValleyBerkshire College02020
15 Oct 2017Wales and GloucesterDavid Broome Event Centre02424
19 Nov 2017Wales and GloucesterDavid Broome Event Centre03636
17 Dec 2017Wales and GloucesterDavid Broome Event Centre02121
6 Jan 2018Wales and GloucesterDavid Broome Event Centre02424
4 Feb 2018Wales and GloucesterDavid Broome Event Centre02929
25 Feb 2018Wales and GloucesterDavid Broome Event Centre03131
8 Oct 2017WessexSparsholt11819
5 Nov 2017WessexSparsholt03232
17 Dec 2017WessexSparsholt02727
21 Jan 2018WessexSparsholt02525
18 Feb 2018WessexSparsholt02323
11 Mar 2018WessexSparsholt01616
Total106 11823302448