Submitting results

If you are responsible for running an event please enter your results directly to this website as follows:

Best and quickest - use the scoring spreadsheet

The easiest way to score an event and to get the results to the website is to use the Ihdt scoring spreadsheet, available with instructions on the organisers page here

To post the results, when you are connected to the internet just be sure you have entered your region, venue and date, then press Post on the spreadsheet. That's all.

You can do that repeatedly during the event so people can see results building up during the day, if you're connected to the internet.

Older methods

Simply click here and type the results in to the website (a password is required, please contact us for the current one).

This will make the results available immediately. However, this does mean reentering the results and errors are likely in retyping like this. Click here to submit results straight to website

Alternative - email us a spreadsheet

If you cannot submit directly, you can send your results as an Excel spreadsheet, so we enter them for you.

However, now that we make available a standard score spreadsheet, please use it, email it if for any reason you can't get it to post automatically.
Click to send.

The minimum information we need is:

Region, venue, date then for each competitor:

Competitor Name
Local Class Name
Precision & Paces Score
Cone Score
Obstacle Score (1 to 4)
Final Score
Note (if any)
Championship Class Name