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Sorry, no events points have been calculated yet for Dorset in 2017-18

How we calculate the points

Points are counted for each championships class as: 10 for winner, 8 for second, 6 for third, then 5,4,3,2,1,1,1....

We take your scores for all the events you've done in a region, up to a maximum of five - your five best scores.
Events whose scores didn't count for you will show in brackets.

To be eligible to qualify for the championships, you also need to get a best percentage score of at least 75% - the points tables shows your best for the season.

Then to actually qualify you must win your class in your region and do at least 50% of the events in your region.

Please check the rules for more details.

Mistakes do happen with so many numbers - don't worry, just let us know please, email Mike on mihdt@mikewatts.com. Please say what event/date, and what you think your points and class should be.

This season the points are simplified slightly and are calculated automatically from the entered scores and classes. This is more automatic but depends on the data submitted ... please make sure your organiser knows your championship class and how to spell your name [same all season...].