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About the sport

The grace of Precision and Paces, the accuracy through the cones, the speed and thrills of the obstacles.

Based on horse driving trials, this is a full event in a few hours in the comfort and convenience of an indoor arena.

Spectators are always welcome, and this friendly sport is the ideal way into competitive driving.

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National indoor driving championships 2017

Dick Carey presents to our new Open Pony and Supreme Champion
Jack Ralph

Full results

British Indoor Carriage Driving Championships 7-9 April 2017 - Keysoe

Huge thanks to all our sponsors

Carriagehouse Insurance sponsor the ICD national finals at Keysoe and offer many types of insurance for our members.

Bennington Carriages support the ICD national finals at Keysoe and sponsor the Open Pony class.

Latest News

Indoor Finals 2017 - clarifying how invitations are made

An invitation to the ICD-UK Championships is always at the discretion of the organisers...

Special offer for Indoor Driving members 25% off your Carriage Driving subscription

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People say

It's fun, fast and furious.

Sara Howe - International driver and trainer

Carriagehouse has continually supported ICD championships since the beginning because we see what a great contribution it makes to carriage driving sport at all levels. As insurers, we appreciate its encouragement of new competitors, promotion of great competition and also its excellent safety record.

Fiona Gordon-Clarke Carriagehouse Director and ICD competitor

We came thinking there was a car boot sale on, but the driving was so interesting and friendly we stayed all day to watch.

At Wix - surprised visitors

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