Pictures from National Indoor Championships, 2019 at Keysoe
Photos by Mike Watts. To see more or free download go to

About the sport

The grace of Precision and Paces, the accuracy through the cones, the speed and thrills of the obstacles.

Based on horse driving trials, this is a full event in a few hours in the comfort and convenience of an indoor arena.

Spectators are always welcome, and this friendly sport is the ideal way into competitive driving.

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ICD-UK events in England restarting from Wednesday 2nd December

We can restart events using our published guidelines: ICD Covid precautions.

Changes to our previously published advice:
1: travel into or out of tier 3 areas is advised against.
2: spectators allowed up to 50% of the venue capacity by gov advice in Tier1,2 and if your organiser and venue allow

- see News for more and links to advice for each country

2020-21 P&P Tests here

We are working for a successful 2020-21 season within the regulatory guidelines as they evolve. Our website Events page shows planned dates and the 2021 Finals are planned for 2-4 April 2021.

We use our website's News, Announcements forum and Facebook presence to keep you informed. Please contact us via the website or Facebook if you have any questions.

Thank you for your support and understanding. Take care of yourselves.

Thinking of starting to drive or would like to help indoors but unsure?
Please talk to your local organiser - see Events page, or come along to an event,
or talk to us at ICD. You'll be welcome.

Latest News

Re-opening in England from Wednesday, 2 December

It's great news that we can re-start indoor driving competitions and training days in England, in all tiers. Our friends in Wales have had a limited re-opening after their firebreak and Scotland has its own tier guidelines (see links below).

We can restart events using our previously published guidelines.

There are a couple of changes to our previously published advice:
1. the government now explicitly allows spectators up to 50% of the venue capacity (or 100 whichever is less) in Tiers 1 and 2, and if your venue allows
2. travel into or out of tier 3 areas is advised against.

More detail and links:

We must keep everyone...

November ICD-UK events cancelled in England

We have been awaiting the outcome of lobbying on behalf of equestrian and sporting bodies and of the Parliamentary vote on 4 November. We are still seeking clarity and this advice may change at different times for different local and national areas, activities, and groups of people.

The BEF advice se...

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People say

It's fun, fast and furious.

Sara Howe - International driver and trainer

Carriagehouse has continually supported ICD championships since the beginning because we see what a great contribution it makes to carriage driving sport at all levels. As insurers, we appreciate its encouragement of new competitors, promotion of great competition and also its excellent safety record.

Fiona Gordon-Clarke Carriagehouse Director and ICD competitor

We came thinking there was a car boot sale on, but the driving was so interesting and friendly we stayed all day to watch.

At Wix - surprised visitors

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